Friday, March 1, 2013

New life's joys

Today while napping I received a sweet email from my wonderful husband reminding me of what it was like when I blogged about my first little love. I laughed and cried and regretted not writing about my 2nd pregnancy. I've got so much to say yet I need to get on my computer so I can share some new photos. Stay tuned, I can't wait to update on Tristin and introduce Garrison to the world!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello Blogging World

I can't believe that I haven't blogged in such a long time. It is always something that I think about, but never actually do.  Perhaps this will get me back into the practice. I can't believe I didn't even post Tristin's 1 year pics/bday and now he's almost 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have I been??? BAD MOM!

Well-other than starting my masters again, playing with my precious baby boy (who isn't really a baby anymore), or hanging out with my husband, you can usually find me napping/sleeping.  This upcoming year is going to be tough, but I know I can handle it. 

Well here is to starting to blog again- I will post a few pics of my little guy and then write about him more later....

 Tristin at the zoo with his cousins
 Tristin was playing with his daddy on the floor this afternoon-
 Zoo pic with my love!
 Beach picture...he is so cute!:)
If only I had time to zoom in on this picture..haha!! He is a mess!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

8 months old!

Wow-I can’t believe how much you’ve started to grow. Who said you could do this so fast? I can see changes in you that I didn’t think I’d see for another few months or let alone years. We have just a few more days of school left and then we are home for the summer. I have been looking forward to this day since I took you to daycare in January. I can’t wait to wake up and just get to play with you ALL day long! I want you to know just how much your father and I love you and care for you! You honestly make our day and we can’t wait to play with you when we get home.

Well here is what you’ve been up to…

-We have an actual crawler..good bye army crawls! Hello EVERYTHING!!

-You are everywhere! You really don’t sit still..and if we try to make you-you very kindly let us know that that isn’t going to happen.

-You still love to eat! We’ve given you hamburger meat and you really like it-however something tells me you’d like anything we give you.

-Mornings are a task when I try to eat breakfast. You love it when I share! You get sooo excited!

-You still love your juice!

-You have to be weighing 30 pounds…haha. No you are around 22.

-You wear 12-18 month clothes! The 12 month are starting to get a LITTLE tight. :)

- You are talking more and more! You say Momma! I love it!!

-You love your friends at daycare. I don’t know what we are going to do without them this summer!
-You are the happiest little boy I know!! You can make anyone stop and smile!

-You play with a ball ALL OF THE TIME! One doesn’t leave his site!

-You still love giving high fives!

-You’ve let go of your cup-its been replaced by a ball!

-You still aren’t sleeping through the night but we are working on it. You’ve started to cry yourself to sleep.

-Just a few more days and we will get the sleep pattern down hopefully..come on summer!

-You give me kisses everyday when I pick you up as you squeal and hug me sooo tight. It is sweet and the other moms love it!!

-You still LOVE bath time. And our small outside pool is your favorite!! What fun we are going to have!

-Thank you for growing and learning and keeping me on my toes. You are my heart and I love every moment I spend with you! Your father and I are so very very proud you are in our life.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Drum Roll...
I've actually sat down and uploaded pictures from my camera to my computer. While doing so I organized all of my photos-aka pictures of Tristin by month so I can keep up with them once I get around to printing them out. 

We have one week of school.  Unlike my mom, and sister-in-law who were out LAST WEEK!  :(  I can do this though.  We have half days and well....I can make it!  I am really looking forward to Thursday.  I get to move all of my boxes to the NEW SCHOOL!! I can't WAIT!  Lets be honest though...I'm not really looking forward to moving ALL OF MY BOXES.

Before I post a few photos here is an update on our Lil Man.  We have a crawler.  A funny looking crawl, but a crawler. For the past week he has been somewhere between an actual normal crawl, and a hunting/army crawl.  He does a lot more pulling -sorta like a worm.  He goes and goes and goes though.  He feel so accomplished once he's reached his destination.  I'm wondering what the next few weeks will have in store for me-Defiantly a baby gate will be purchased.  He can almost crawl to his table, or bed and pull himself up-He tries really hard, but doesn't have his knees under him to pull himself up.  I usually step in, help him get to his knees and then he's off to standing.  We are working on our balance.  We seem to just want to walk or turn to come to me, but forget we must hang on.  I'm looking to get him a riding toy-any suggestions?

Here are a few photos...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

7 Months Old

Ok so by the time this post is actually posted, Tristin will probably be 8 months old!! I've sat down numerous times and have tried to complete a post, but have failed every time. 

My computer has had a small part to do with this delay.  We are experiencing problems with my video card and or LCD screen.  I have someone from Dell coming to my house to fix the problem.  It's times like this I love warranty's.

So our little love bug is growing up sooo very fast.  I can't stand it!! One day he was crying for me to help him sit up and the next he's pushing himself up to sit!!  So lets see what we've accomplished..

-You absolutely love to eat! You love chicken nuggets and peaches!! However we still force oatmeal with mixed food down you and you act like its the best in the world. 
-You still love your juice!  I think you would drink a gallon a day if we'd let you. 
-You actually like tummy time now!!  You get on the floor and make 360's trying to get your toys!! It is really funny. 
-You've started pushing up on your hands and knees but you just rock.  You do this a lot and make this funny hummmm noise.  I am guessing its because you don't know what to do with yourself. 
- You still LOVE to hear yourself and sing so so LOUD!!
-You are in love with one of the little girls at daycare! You just smile at her, and try to go talk to her.
-You say a lot of G's and B's.  But this morning I heard a Mm.  I know you'll get it down eventually.
-You don't want anyone but me in the morning!! Maybe it's because I supply your food.  No but really you are a mommy's boy right now. Don't get me wrong-you LOVE your daddy you think he is funny!! The other day he was digging in the ground with a shovel and every time he'd hit the ground you would laugh!!
-You love to play ball! 
-You can wave hi and bye-when it pleases you.
-You can give high-fives!! Your dad loves this! 
-Your favorite color is yellow or orange-weird but you love taking your yellow cup around with you wherever we go.
-You love to feed yourself.  You love it when we give you finger foods.
-You will pull up on us while we are on the floor. 
-You roll back and forth when we put you to bed and you just talk to yourself. At times you cry-but we let you figure it all out.  We have caught you with your leg stuck in the slats and you didn't like that at all!
-You give me kisses everyday when I pick you up as you squeal and hug me sooo tight.  It is sweet and the other moms love it!! 
-You still LOVE bath time.  You like to splash water EVERYWHERE which tells me the pool is a must this year.  Perhaps we will stick to our neighbors plastic pool until I get a small tan, and then we can go out and about. 

We have a lot planned this summer-the zoo, visiting cousins, baseball games!! I can't wait to share pictures and enjoy my time off with you!  Only a few more weeks!! 

You are such a blessing and I love spending my time with you.  You melt my heart (even when you wake up early) and I look at you with tears a lot and thank God for bringing you to me.  I love you so so much!  Thanks for being such a Happy Happy Boy!!

I'll post pictures soon-my computer will be fixed FRIDAY!! WHOOP!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Wedding Videographers

Today is Friday.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am that it is Friday.  I wanted to try to contact my new principal today but after I found out she wasn't on campus I began looking on our schools website. I was ecstatic to find out many of the teachers I will be teaching with went to TEXAS A&M!! How exciting is that!!  I truely miss that school and am thrilled about sharing my experiences with my collegues.

Well...I started looking on a few websites to find one in particular aggie that looked familar.  Of course she was one of my good college friends girl friend.  Troy and I had classes together everyday for 2 years.  I knew of his girlfriend and met her a time or two,however we never hung out.  The two have split their ways over the last 3 years and have found someone else. They are now both truely happy and I'm grateful for that.  His ex whom I will be teaching with, had a wedding video on her website that I watched during my 6th period class (dont tell).  I didn't get to listen to it, so when I got home today I wanted to get the full experience.  This clip was amazing.  I quickly clicked on the link after the short video to find a WONDERFUL videographer.  Her work is amazing. I've spent over an hour watching her videos in aww. I've cried, I've laughed and reminised over her work.  It is truely amazing.  The funny thing is I DON'T KNOW ANY OF THESE PEOPLE!! I even made Kevin watch..haha!

If you get some time check out this link.
If you have lots of time look for the story of Erika and Phil.  Watch the invitation one first and then the LONG but AMAZING video of their special day.  What a blessing to have. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Who knew daycare could cost so much, make me stress, or ask if I'd like to be put on a waiting list?

After accepting my new job-Kevin and I started to think of where we'd put Tristin. I want him to be in a place with loving teachers and kids he can grow with, all while being safe and home-like.

Who would have thought Kevin and I would disagree on this topic? Kevin" Why can't we just put him anywhere?" Me"I'm not going to put him in a daycare that Jo Blow goes to who gives him lice, or where his playground is the hwyway." (really a place Kevin was considering)

So I sent Kevin who took our neighbor on a daycare hunt.
First Stop Primrose....

The boys were greeted with a smile and energetic director eager to sell their program and daycare. The boys stayed 45 min. They saw every room and learned about the academic program they use. By the time they are in Kindergarten they are all reading on a 2nd grade reading level. This daycare is more of a school than play time. I loved everything Kevin had to tell me about it. After he visited this daycare he was sold and understood why we couldn't just put Tristin anywhere. I was excited and asked for the price. He gave me a smirk and softly uttered one thousand fifty dollars. DID YOU READ THAT???? $1,050!!!!! I nearly fell off of our kitchen stool.

I then asked about the next school they visited.
The Children’s Courtyard

This was the second stop. The stop the boys felt awkward at and glad to have a non energetic guide. They spent about 5 minutes at the daycare. They took a short walk to the infant room aka kennel (beds were stacked on top of each other). They were then asked how old THEIR son was.....HAHAHAHA!! They looked at one another and said...O NO!!! They did get the price and when he told me this one...I really did have to stand up...1,070!!! WHO PAYS THIS MUCH? Who can afford this?

I become really worried we weren't going to be able to afford daycare. Kevin and I are looking to save up this year to prepare for a new car payment in the future. It didn't seem like this was going to even be a thought.
Well, today I went to sign my papers at AISD. I asked about daycare at AISD schools and received a few numbers. AISD used to have daycare just for their employees. They have now opened it up for the community-but space is VERY limited. I was wary about putting him in a school that I hadn't checked out or that might not be as loving. I took the plunge and called the elementary that will be a mile down the road from me, that is also in a VERY VERY nice neighborhood. The director answered my phone call in a happy, bouncy, and energetic voice. I explained that I would be new to AISD and she replied with "we have one spot open in the infant room". I very quickly asked what I needed to do to take this spot. She very kindly said she'd put me down for the last vacancy if I'd come by within the next few days to officially reserve the spot.
I was nervous since I haven't seen the school, but have heard it’s wonderful. The director sounded wonderful and well-I feel on top of the world now. What is even cost 680!!!!! I LOVE IT ALREADY!! HAHAHA!! He will be in a class of 6 boys and 1 girl. We will get to go visit it tomorrow afternoon, and sign him up. I'm so excited. YEA Kiker Elementary for having such a wonderful, welcoming, affordable daycare.